My break-up notice to my phone & phone etiquette 1.0, The birth of the ANALOGUE REBELLION

Dear Phone,

I need some space..png

You're helpful, some of the time. I know that if I let myself follow all the pathways designed to pull me in, that you would endlessly captivate and entertain me.

We want different things. You were designed to get me to use you and become totally dependent on you to live my daily life. You need zero separation from me, and the people who made you want me to merge with you completely. I really only want to make phone calls, send a few texts, and use my map app. I don't need you for more than 1 hr a day really, but this is never enough for you.

Since I have set clear limits with you, my life is better. I never feel good after using instagram, facebook, or getting lost looking at the ads that AI has presented to me. I like using my desktop so much more than your tiny handheld screen. I don't need you the way you need me. I will keep taking space from you, and soon I am going to buy a different phone, that isn't smart, and is only a phone. I think smart phones may be making people lazy, less smart, more rude, more impatient, and boring. Maybe others actually need you. I hope they consider if this is true or not, because you were made to manipulate, it is your nature. It is interesting that the people who made you don't let their children use you...

I hope we humans can create the relationship with you that allows us to be free, healthy, and happy. I know that is not your priority, but it is mine.

With Self-Respecting Distance,

Here are 6 Things we do in our house to stay healthy (AKA: life outside the matrix - The Analogue Rebellion):

The Analogue Rebellion.png

1) Turn off your phone for 12 hours per day. Start with turning it off for the hour before you normally go to bed, and the hour after you wake up.

2) Don't use your phone as your clock. Wear a watch. Get an alarm clock.

3) Charge your phone in a room other than your bedroom.
Don't bring your phone to bed...right? read a book book. have sexy time. look at the ceiling or your belly button. Think about the meaning of life, how lucky you are, then drift off to sleep.

4) Fast from social media for a period of time. 1 day. 2 days. a week. Do that periodically. Try one week on, one week off. Experiment with Disconnection there, and intentionally RECONNECT elsewhere, like in the physical world. If you are feeling lonely and dissatisfied in your home, then even more reason unplug, feel the feelings, have some conversations, and address the lack of soul nourishment. It won't get better if you avoid it. And you deserve real relational nourishment.

5) Don't bring your phone to meals. worst manners ever. When people do this, I confess that I perceive them as rude, regardless of their age, and so insecure that they cannot be away from it.

6) Choose entire days to not bring it with you.

These Limits are amazing!
Enjoy your freedom!

Laurel FineComment