The Most Important Thing About Belonging...

In my life I've moved over oceans, state lines, and mountain ranges. I've remade home, hearth, and found community in every place I've lived.  Here's what I learn every single time:

Belonging is not something that other people give you.  Belonging comes from reciprocity. It comes from reaching deeply into yourself and offering the best of what you have to offer. It comes from making a home that is the one YOU want to live in, and inviting people your home, heart, and life. You lead the way, everyday, in your own experience of being connected.

Assume inclusion, invitation, and being wanted.  Everyone is longing to give their gifts, so pay attention to people and assume they will surprise you in some way. Really pay attention.  Make yourself a part of this world by knowing that your love, your leadership, your ideas, your dinner, your party, your art is medicine for you and everyone around you.  Don't wait for the thing to happen. Invent the thing.

You are the center and the world is waiting for you.

Laurel Fine