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I am A Lover of the Land, way finder, mother, artist, yogi, and Psychotherapist. I am here to build bridges and restore connections, express the truth, expand the possible, and activate the power of imagination . 

Laurel Lococo

I support change that is grounded, soul-led, and lasting. 

From environmental studies and back-country guiding, to yoga, art making, and my deep exploration of the human psyche and soul, I have always lived with my curiosity tuned to the process of human experience in relationship to the world. 

In my psychotherapy practice, I am humbled and honored to witness the incredible process of people healing.

I observe that we each carry our own medicine. We carry it in our stories, bodies, dreams, loves and instincts. I believe that your deepest pain, beauty, and desires are sacred.  I believe that you belong, all of you, in your life, in this time and place.  Even, and especially, when you do not feel it, you are still at home in this world. At some point, you may need the structure of a healing catalyst to support change in perspective, consciousness and nervous system.  With compassionate connection and informed guidance you can tap into whatever is needed in order to heal.


I am ...

a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I hold a Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I have been practicing psychotherapy with individuals, couples, families, and groups since 2007.

I am a yoga practitioner and teacher. I began practicing yoga in 2001. I incorporate mindfulness, meditation, visualization and movement into my work with clients, to refine self-awareness, clarify feelings, manage anxiety, cultivate distress tolerance, and increase cognitive flexibility. Yoga practice informs my daily life and work with clients.

I use Attachment-Focussed EMDR. This evidence-based treatment modality is one of the most effective and inspiring interventions for trauma, anxiety, and core negative belief restructuring that I have witnessed or used. From PTSD in war veterans to survivors of sexual assault, I continue to watch this treatment change lives.

I am a wilderness guide. I have a background in wilderness leadership, and facilitate wilderness retreats and community based rites of passage groups and ceremonies for adolescent girls and women. In my graduate program, my thesis was on the theory and emerging practice of Ecopsychology. I am a certified Wilderness First Responder.

I am trained in Expressive Arts Therapy. I completed my Clinical Internship at the California Pacific Medical Center of San Francisco, using Expressive Arts Therapy and mindfulness practices with chronically and terminally ill patients for pain management and end of life integration. I continue to use art and non-verbal creative exploration with clients as a pathway for accessing wisdom and integrating unconscious material.