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Life is asking you to listen, to remember. Your wholeness is waiting. My wish for you is to follow your heart’s calling to connect with your Self, your unique genius, and the natural rhythm of your psyche.  

I invite you to separate from the routines of daily life when you need to, even if it requires some rebellion or pattern breaking, and find the sacred pulse of your own vitality.  

Come on an adventure that feeds your soul.  



You’re an ancient, vibrant creature.

You were born for freedom, self-expression, and wildness.  You were born for genius that belongs only to you, this once.

You follow the call to be close to stars, rocks, and feel close to your own essence, to the source.

You are aware of the rising tide in your heart and in the world, and long to anchor into truth, and know your power.

You leave behind things that weigh you down and clutter your heart.

You listen to the call, and go.

You remember.

Your legs are strong, your breath is full, you climb.

You’re grateful. You can see more clearly. So much is possible.

You celebrate.

You return, changed. More You. Shining. Empowered


more information on the next retreat coming soon!

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