Become your own hero

We’re all telling stories to ourselves, and to others, whether we realize or not, all the time.

Even if you’re a meditator/yogi and grew up on a commune, or your Mom is a cranial sacral practitioner goddess or invented organic bamboo legwarmers, and your Dad hangs out with Deepak Chopra or your Dad IS Deepak Chopra, you’re a person, and you have an ongoing narrative going on in your amazing and complex mind.

You’re writing your own myth, every second, and you can’t help but believe it, and your friends and business coach and next door neighbor likely do too. And the myth you’re writing unconsciously each moment shapes YOUR version of YOUR possibilities, the size of your world, and who you actually are.

Because I’m a psychology and creative project geek, I did an experiment, and I tried it with friends, and it was so awesome I even tried it with clients. I gave myself a homework assignment, and I’m going to give it to you too. You’ll just need a little time with yourself, your willingness to imagine, and your writing tool of choice.

Go with this:

Take stock of the many circumstances of your life in its fullness. See if you can take in the horizon of things in your life as they are, simple facts. Imagine yourself, perhaps from outside as an objective and well-intentioned stranger, peering into your life as though you were watching a movie. Begin to see yourself as a character, a heroine, an example of what is possible. Let this potential version of you be someone you would encounter, resonate with deeply, and feel completely amazed and inspired!

From that vantage point, ask yourself: How could this version of you expand into WHAT IS happening in your world now, including the unplanned, less than ideal circumstances? Writing yourself as the heroine/hero of this real moment, how will she/he greet these with more of her loving self, more creativity, and more of an adventurous embrace? How does she greet the day? How does express herself? How does she deal with heartbreak and disappointment? How does she take care of herself, and the things she’s passionate about? What call has she been putting off, that she most deeply desires to act upon?

This experiment has unleashed some fiery pursuits and ignited some sparky happy habits.

Be Brave and Have Fun!

Phoenix Anthony